The Mestlers' Kenyan Connection
The Mestlers' Kenyan Connection  

May 18, 2019


Dear Christian Friends,

         Hello to everyone from Kenya. Asante sana (Thanks much) for praying for us. Here is a short update and some words of praise and prayer requests:

PRAISE- For the past month we have been hosting the Binoka family- George, Lexie and their 9 month old baby Maylee. The Binokas are on deputation with our Mission, International Baptist Mission. They plan to join us in Kenya in May 2020. The Binokas' initial ministry will be assisting our local churches to evangelize and disciple college and university students.
                We have begun discipling a couple of new believers in preparation for baptism. Please pray for the spiritual growth of Wilchester and Evans.
1) Children's Teachers Seminar on May 25. We are praying for each of the churches we have invited to send their children's teachers.
2) Harambee (Sacrificial Giving Sunday) on June 9. This is to raise about $5000.00 to continue on our building project which is staff housing at Zion Rd. Indep. Baptist Church.





January/February 2019


Dear Praying Friends,

        Greetings from Kenya!  We are happy to be back to Nairobi and are praising 

God for what He is doing in the life of the church as a whole as well as in individual lives.

       We had two special surprises in January and February as two wonderful, godly young people from Zion Road Independent Baptist Church proposed marriage to their sweethearts in front of the entire congregation.  Both accepted, and the church is delighted with the prospects of two more godly marriages within the year.

       Meanwhile, we have just begun putting a second floor on our church building for 1) an apartment for the Kenyan assistant pastor, and 2) two small apartments for living quarters for our custodian and a guest room for visitors and for us on weekends, since the church is forty minutes from our home. 

       Saving the best for last, we have just completed our fourth annual missions conference.  We had the privilege of having veteran missionary, Ted Daub, as our keynote speaker.  He did a wonderful job presenting the missionary mandate for workers and faith promise giving.  We did a SKYPE call to a Nigerian family, the Babalolas, who were on their way back home to Nigeria as church planters.  We then presented the Faith Promise program and were thrilled to see close to $200 promised on a monthly basis to missions.  We praise God that His people here are beginning to catch the vision for reaching out beyond themselves and even  beyond Kenya.

       Gail's recovery from her right-knee replacement surgery is on track.  She is making slow but steady progress by God's grace.  Thanks for so many prayers.


We praise God for

good attendance at Zion Road Independent Baptist Church and many first-time visitors,

commitment by our church members to give $200 monthly to missionary outreach, and

construction starting on housing for our church staff.


Please pray for

completion of staff-housing construction by July, 2019,

Gail's complete recovery from right-knee replacement surgery in January, and

godly wedding plans for Pastor Jimmy & Hanes and for Flevian & Jackie.


                             With love to dear and faithful friends in Christ,

                             Your missionaries in Kenya,

                             Pastor Mike and Gail Mestler  John 3:30 




Highlights of 2018


The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is always a time of reflection.

We are looking back at an outstanding year of God's blessings in 2018, and we want to share with you in a few words the highlights.


On the second Sunday of 2018 we met Eric and Verna O. at a shop across the street from Zion Road Independent Baptist Church.  They were looking for a church that teaches the Bible. We lead Eric to Christ in an evangelistic Bible study.  They were baptized in March and have brought several of their friends to the church.


We celebrated three anniversaries in 2018: Mike's 50th  year of salvation, our 41st year of marriage, and 25 years of ministry in Kenya.  God has been faithful to us in every way.


A pastor and his wife in Georgia introduced us to a Facebook friend of theirs, Grace and her daughter Alicia.  They were baptized in April and have become faithful membrs of our church.  We have begun a weekly evangelistic Bible study in their apartment.  Grace has brought about a dozen visitors to our services.


We held our first Christian Family Life Seminar in July with over 100 people sitting wall-to-wall in our garage.  Two days of teaching on Biblical principles of marriage and family living was very challenging and encouraging for our church members.  We are already planning for a follow-up seminar in Octobr, 2019.


Thank you for your vital part in our ministry.  As you continue to pray for us we look forward to God doing even greater things in 2019,


In Kenya for Christ,

Mike and Gail Mestler (John 3:30)




Fall 2018


Dear Partners in Ministry,


Greetings to everyone from the furlough road.   We praise the Lord for His safety and for excellent meetings in fifteen of our supporting churches.  We have enjoyed reconnecting with Christian friends.  The Lord has encouraged us with the great amount of interest shown in our ministry in Kenya.


We get weekly reports from our pastors in Kenya and praise the Lord that Zion Road Independent Baptist Church has grown in our absence!  About 150 people are now attending our Sunday morning services.  A group of nine children and youth are also being instructed for baptism December 2.  We praise the Lord for the faithful pastors and church members He has given us.  We are already homesick for Kenya and look forward to returning on January 3, 2019.


On December 3-7 we will have our Kids' Bible Camp (VBS) with the goal of two hundred children attending this year.  Also, on December 9th Zion Road Independent Baptist Church will hold a sacrificial-giving offering called an harambee, Swahili for pull together.  Our goal is to build housing for our pastors and caretaker on the second floor of our church building next year.


A Congolese couple, Jean Marie and Feza Runezereza, from Santon Independent Baptist Church in Nairobi, immigrated to the USA last year.  Jean wants to enroll at Indernational Baptist College in Chandler, AZ, to complete his education and then return as a missionary to his Congolese people.  During the week of December 12-16 we will be introducing them to Tri-City Baptist Church and to International Baptist College as the first step in their beginning Jean's training there.  If you would like more information about Jean and Feza and how you may assist in his education, please contact us.


Thank you for your faithfulness in serving Christ in America and for staying behind our ministry in Kenya.


We praise God for ...

  • safety over hundreds of miles of furlough travel
  • growth of Sunday morning attendance at Zion Road Indpendent Baptist Church, with average of 150
  • baptism class with nine children and youth at Zion Road Independent Baptist Church.


Please pray for ...


  • Kids' Bible Camp (VBS) at Zion Road Independent Baptist Church December 3-7 to reach two hundred children
  • successful harambee at Zion Road Independent Baptist Church on December 9 to build housing for our church staff
  • continued safety as we travel on furlough.  


For Christ in Kenya,

Pastor Mike and Gail Mestler  John 3:30




June/July 2018


Dear Prayer Partners,


We trust that all of you are having a fruitful summer of family and church activities.  Because we are in the Southern Hemisphere we have begun our "winter",

and it has reached the low 50's some nights!


We have much for which to praise God; here are some highlights:


Recent professions of faith  On Sunday, June 17, a young mother named Cynthia asked to meet with us after church.  She began the conversation by telling us that she could not go on living as she has been and needed desperately to change.  We told her the good news that Jesus Christ could give her a new life.  After we carefully explained the gospel to her she received Christ as Savior.  She has since attended two church meetings, and Gail is doing a weekly personal discipleship Bible study with her.


Benta, who was saved about two months ago, brought her friend Daisy to church on June 24.  Daisy stayed after the service, and Pastor Juma and his wife Mary led her to Christ.  We are rejoicing to see a new believer reaching out to a friend with the gospel.


Family Life Seminar  God often does beyond our expectations! That was certainly true of our Family Life Seminar June 30-July 1. On Saturday about 100 people came to our house for a goat roast and Bible teaching focusing on the family.  Then on Sunday afternoon we traveled to a joint fellowship of independent Baptist churches at Bethel Baptist Church in Nairobi.  Some 250 adults and youth gathered together for more scriptural lessons on the Christian home.  We are thankful for the solid Biblical instruction given to our people by Dr. Larry Ball and Pastor Emmanuel Malone and his wife Claudia.


Upcoming Missions Trip  A team from Zion Road Independent Baptist Chrch plans to do a VBS and evening evangelistic meetings at a new church among the Masai tribe in southern Kenya on August 20-23.  Please pray that we will be an encouragement to Pastor Alex Karanja and his church members.


Once again we thank you for helping us to represent the Lord to His people in Kenya.


We praise God for

Two recent professions of faith in Christ, Cynthia & Daisy

An attendance of about 250 people at our Family Life Seminar

A record Sunday morning attendance of 184 on June 24.


Please pray for

Our couples to apply to their families the Biblical truths learned during our Family Life Seminar

Adults and children to be won to Christ on our church missions trip to Masailand August 20-23

The spiritual growth of sevral new believers, Daisy, Cynthis, Benta, and Rose.


Your missionaries in Kenya,

Pastor Mike and Gail Mestler

John 3:30




May 7, 2018


Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


  Greetings in Christ to all of you from Kenya.  We appreciate your faithful prayers on our behalf.  The Lord has been doing so much the past several weeks we can only give you some of the highlights.  


  In April we received a unexpected email message from a pastor in Georgia.  He and his wife had been in email correspondence with a Kenyan lady in Nairobi named Grace. He asked if we would contact her to find a Bible-believing church for her to attend.  When we called Grace we discovered that she and her daughter Alicia live fairly close to our church.  For two months now they have been attending every Sunday service, have been bsptized, and have joined our choir.  Two weeks ago Grace brought 6 visitors with her to church!


  In April we began holding Saturday classes at Independent Baptist College of Ministry.  Mike taught Methods of Inductive Bible Study, and fourteen students attended every class faithfully for six weeks; two were pastors' wives and several others were members of Zion Road Independent Baptist Church.  The spiritual hunger for learning how to study the Bible was amazing.


  In mid-May our son Nathan and his oldest son Levi visited us.  Nathan taught a course in our Bible college, and we were able to take five days off to visit the Kenyan coast together.  It was great to be able to have quality time with our oldest grandson.


  We are looking ahead to when our mission's general director, Dr. Larry Ball, along with Pastor Emmanual and Claudia Malone, are coming to Kenya for two weeks the end of June. On June 30 - July 1 we are holding a two-day Christian Family Life seminar.  Please pray that our church members will faithfully attend these improtant Bible study sessions about the Christian home.  




March/April 2018


Dear Partners in Ministry,
   What a great God we serve!  Psalm 77:13  We have much to praise Him for in our ministry.  We want to share with you a few recent, encouraging incidents.

> Carik K. is an intellectually sharp young lady in her mid-twenties. She was saved about three years ago out of a Roman Catholic background.  We met Carol while doing house-to-house evangelism.  She has been growing in Christ steadily and for the last year has been a student at our Bible college.  A few weeks ago she led to Christ an 18 year old, South Sudanese girl named Tasha.  Tasha is now attending our Sunday services.  What a joy it is for us to see someone we discipled win someone else to Christ.

> William W. accepted Christ as Savior in January.  He attended our Sunday morning worship service for the first time several weeks ago.  After the service he asked me, "Pastor, why are your church members so happy when someone is saved?  I have been shown so much love this morning."  We went home that Sunday praising God that our church members had welcomed a new Christian so warmly.

> One of the members of our Friday night home Bible study fellowship, Teddy, moved a few blocks away into a new apartment building.  He was the first resident in the building.  We moved our Bible study fellowship there so that as people moved into the apartments we would be there to welcome them.  One neighbor has already attended, and others have promised to come.

This April we celebrated our 25th anniversary of serving the Lord here in Kenya.  Thank you for making it possible by your prayers and financial support to be ministering in a place where so many people are responsive to the gospel.

                                           Your missionaries in Kenya,


                                          Pastor Mike and Gail Mestler

                                          John 3:30




January/February 2018


Dear prayer partners,


Bwana Asifiwe! (Praise the Lord!)  We are thankful for all God has been doing in our ministry since the beginning of 2018.  Here are some highlights:


  Independent Baptist College of Ministry (I.B.C.M.) 

This January marks the beginning of the 10th year of our Bible college; we celebrated in a very African way by having a goat roast at our annual Spiritual Life Retreat.  We now have 37 graduates, and all are actively serving Christ in independent Baptist churches in Kenya.  We have two new students in the college from Zion Road Independent Baptist Church, Susan and Theophilus. In April the college is going to expand by offering Saturday afternoon classes for students who work during the week and cannot attend the week-day classes.  Please pray for 12 new students.  We praise the Lord for the sweet spirit and spiritual enthusiasm of our faculty and students.


 Evangelistic opportunities

On Sunday afternoon after church srvices on January 7th Mike was buying a soda at a shop across the street from the church building.  A young man was there with his little daughter, and a conversation ensued about how in the new year their family needed to attend church together.  That brief contact ended up being a divine appointment!  Eric and Verna with their 18-month old daughter Grace were the first family at our church services on January 14th.  We are beginning an evangelistic Bible study (The Exchange) with them on Sunday afternoons.  Please pray that they will soon accept Christ as Savior.


On December 12 there was a horrific road accident in Kenya involving 13 vehicles that resulted in the death of 32 people.  One of the survivors was a young man named William who sometimes attends our Friday night Bible study.  His car was demolished, but by God's grace he walked away with only scrapes on one arm.  As a result of his near brush with death we were able to lead him to Christ on January 14; please pray that he will begin attending our Sunday services.


Thank you for praying, for God is obviously answering!  I Thessalonians 5:25


Your missionaries in Kenya,

Pastor Mike and Gail Mestler

John 3:30



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